Being Human: Season 5 

In the summer of 2012, I managed to organise my first television job. Shadowing and training under director Philip John (Marvel’s Iron Fist) on the BBC3 drama ‘Being Human’. The show was in it’s fifth season, and I had the pleasure of taking part in episodes 1-3. I was privileged enough to watch cast rehearsals and blocking, direct actors, discuss sequence construction with Phil,  gain an understanding of special effects, and be part of this wonderful crew. The highlight was teaming up with Phil on ‘The Bucketlist’ a short prequel to one of the episodes directly for online purposes. Phil allowed me to direct the scene, blocking out how I wanted the piece to be covered. Having always been a fan of the famous bar in the hotel I constructed and blocked around it. You can watch the short above.

Written by Matthew Rowney

'I had the pleasure of welcoming Matthew to the production... He introduced himself to the various departments involved, as well as forging relationships of his own with the crew and cast. He really became part of the crew. Most importantly, Matthew was always ready with his own ideas of how a particular scene could be covered. Matthew is an extremely enterprising, focused and confident individual. I wish him the very best of luck in his future career.
Philip John
Series Director