Internationally award-winning screenwriter and producer. 


Michael’s screenwriting passion began more than a decade ago, as he sat watching the BBC’s reboot of Doctor Who on a cold Saturday evening.

If you’ve seen the pilot episode, you’ll know the action ends with a fiery explosion under the London Eye. That fire lit the flames of Michael’s imagination and set him on a path towards becoming a storyteller in his own right.

Having graduated from University College London last year with a First in English, Michael is an avid reader and a voracious writer with a knowledge of narratives that spans centuries.

He’s well-versed on everything from Arthurian legend to Shakespeare, obscure Victorian novels to the greatest of classical epics. 


Michael has been writing from an early age, penning the final episode of The Red Zone in 2012, and several short films including the historical fantasy Ani (2012) at the tender age of 16.

He wrote the horror movie parody Serial Caller (2016), which was a screenplay semi-finalist at Los Angeles Independent Film Festival, as well as a variety of unproduced screenplays.

In 2013, he worked behind-the-scenes providing graphics work for A Spy in The Diner and has also served as a script doctor on a myriad of projects.

In early 2016, Michael was a trainee on Series 14 of BBC Two’s Dragon’s Den. He was also entertainment producer for the University of College London (UCL)’s television channel, PiTV.


Earlier this year, Michael wrote Odilo Fabian or (The Possibility of Impossible Dreams). The script has been nominated for several awards, winning Best Short Screenplay at the Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival.

Michael was also named Screenwriter of the Month for The Monthly Film Festival and Odilo Fabian was an Official Selection at the San Diego International Kids’ Film Festival.

Best Screenplay Shorts – Hollywood International Moving Picture Film Festival – Odilo Fabian or (The Possibility of Impossible Dreams)

Screenwriter of the Month – The Monthly Film Festival (TMFF) – Odilo Fabian or (The Possibility of Impossible Dreams)

Short Screenplay Finalist –  Austin Film Festival (2017)

Best Screenplay Award – The American Film Awards (2018) – Odilo Fabian or (The Possibility of Impossible Dreams)

Best Screenplay Short – Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards – Serial Caller
Short Screenplay – San Diego International Kids’ Film Festival – Odilo Fabian or (The Possibility of Impossible Dreams)