Isabelle Allen, star of Les Miserables, has won Best Under 18 Actor at the Los Angeles International Film Festival Awards (LAIFFA) and received the award from Matthew at her school this week.

She won the award for her role in ‘Superboy: Son of Tomorrow’, officially made for the 2016 Superman Celebration in Metropolis, Illinois, based on characters from DC Comics and directed by Matthew.

As well as ‘Superboy: Son of Tomorrow’, Isabelle has starred in other Rowney Brothers films, including ‘I Am The Doorway’.

Isabelle, known as Izzy to her friends, said this week she was delighted and proud to have won the award, voted for by a closed jury in the USA.

The schoolgirl first shot to stardom when she was cast in the film adaptation of Les Miserables as the young Cosette, one of the story’s central characters who is viciously beaten and abused.

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