Five Continents International Film Festival – Review

This production is well cared for, which helps to make the story of the young superhero credible. The locations were chosen correctly, highlighting the scenes where the villain is incarcerated. The costumes stand out to show us a modern Superhero; As well as the make up of the villain, Parasite, something not very easy to perform.

The music accompanies the story properly, gives it strength and is perfect to narrate what happens.

The frames are very well made, highlighting the image necessary to reflect the purpose of the scene. At times the abuse of place – contraplane, makes the scene boring; turns it into a TV image, rather than a film.

The 20minutes of the short film go unnoticed, because the pace makes the movie quite entertaining and interesting, the fight scenes without being overproduced, are well achieved. All this make the film live up to it homage to the greatest superhero of all time. In short, the director achieves an interesting, digestible, entertaining film that will delight lovers of the genre. 4/5 Stars